Let us help create a system for consistent, predictable revenue.


  • We’ll create proven marketing funnels to grow your business.
  • We’ll save you time by automating marketing tactics.
  • We’ll save you money eliminating activities that aren’t generating an ROI.
  • We’ll eliminate guesswork about which part of your marketing works and which does not.


Marketing Funnels

We’ll create and set up a predictable and reliable inbound or outbound marketing and sales funnel. You can expect this to increase your revenue up to 30% using the same resources and team you already have.


Already have a marketing team but need some expertise with strategy, execution, and analysis of specific marketing channels? Let us manage your SEO, PPC and or Email marketing needs. You tell us your goals, we deliver revenue results.

Dundee Advisors' Venture Marketing Model

  • Results based fees. Only pay for the goals we accomplish.

  • Flexible—our roles can vary from acting as CMO to a full team.

  • Results driven. We make our real money only when you do.

  • Fully transparent with our custom dashboards we provide you.

  • Weekly check-in meetings and progress reports.

  • Only take on clients that we know we can help reach growth goals.

Traditional Marketing Agency Model

  • Up-front flat fee & pay out of pocket even if revenue isn’t growing.

  • Operate within narrow campaigns.

  • No accountability.

  • Lack of transparency.

  • Inconsistent communication.

  • Take on as many clients as possible.

Meet the Team